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    Fairview Therapeutic Massage Therapy

    The licensed massage therapists at our Fairview therapeutic massage therapy clinic specialize in medical massage, sports massage, injury massage, and deep tissue massage therapy.  They have extra training in these areas, besides just their initial schooling.  Many people who have been treated in our clinic have said this was the best massage they have ever had! Perhaps this is because the massages delivered by our massage therapists are targeting specific issues – while it’s relaxing, you’ll also know that specific issues are being dealt with.

    How does Massage Relate to what Chiropractors Do?

    Massage works hand-in-hand with chiropractic care by helping to relax muscles to prepare for adjustment, to sooth and relax muscles that are under new strain following an adjustment, and to ensure that a chiropractic adjustment “sticks” by decreasing the strain that a joint experiences from its attaching muscles.

    We pride ourselves on helping you feel better after each visit.  When booking an appointment for a massage you always have your choice of massage therapist at our clinic.

    Give us a call at 503–465–9100 to discuss your unique needs and we will help you decide the right massage therapist for you.

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    Fairview Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

    Deep tissue massage therapy is used to treat a variety of physical ailments such as:

    • Chronic pain
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Injured muscles
    • Limited mobility
    • Postural problems
    • Sciatica
    • Osteoarthritis

    Fairview Prenatal Massage Therapy

    Prenatal massage offers relaxing benefits for both moms and babies, providing relief in the marathon of pregnancy. Contact our office to learn more about this safe and effective Fairview therapeutic massage therapy.

    Fairview Relaxation Massage and Swedish Massage Therapy

    You don’t need to have a medical problem presenting or even be seeing our chiropractor to receive a massage for relaxation. The Swedish massage technique is one of the most common used by a licensed massage therapist to calm and relax. It is characterized by long, smooth strokes.

    Fairview Sports Massage Therapy

    Sports massage from a professional massage therapist is extremely helpful for athletes looking to recover from their exertions, to recover from an injury, or even to improve their abilities by boosting muscle performance.

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    Springwater Chiropractic offers Fairview Therapeutic Massage Therapy from Licensed Massage Therapists

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