New Patients

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We welcome all new patients here at Springwater Chiropractic. Whether you just moved to the area & need to switch doctors, or have never been to a chiropractor before and may be skeptical about the benefits chiropractic care can bring you, we are here for you and welcome everyone.

What do we do? In simple terms, we help to manage pain and injuries. Most commonly, from car accidents.

We invite you to call our office at 503–465–9100 and talk to our office manager or the doctor to get all your questions answered. 

We will bill your insurance for you. Our goal is to always make chiropractic care affordable for everyone. 

As is common in other medical offices, there is unfortunately paperwork. We ask that you please show up to your appointment 15 minutes early on your first visit to complete the paperwork, or if you have a printer at home you can download the patient intake forms here. If you are coming to us for an automobile injury be sure to also download & print our accident form here.


  • A friendly greeting from a staff member
  • Copies of your ID and insurance cards will be made
  • Intake paperwork, which you can complete ahead of time here
  • A short wait
  • An evaluation by the doctor, which will be discussed with you
  • Treatment(s) as necessary, with your consent
  • Answers to all your questions, as well as home care instructions & recommendations
  • A treatment plan created specifically for you, and follow-up visits scheduled

If this is your first time receiving chiropractic care, please be aware that you may be slightly sorer after your adjustment than before. This is called “post adjustment soreness,” similar to working out, and will fade. Within a short time, we’re confident you’ll feel better than you did before you came in.

Intake Forms Auto Accident Form
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