Health Tips

Seven Tips To Keep You Healthy

Follow these simple yet practical tips to keep back pain, neck pain and joint pain out of your life:

  1. Get regular exercise. The common rule of thumb is to exercise for at least 30 minutes three times per week. But exercise should actually be part of your daily routine. This doesn’t mean that you need to pay for a gym membership or follow DVDs that you bought on TV – that would be insanity. Brisk daily walking for 20-30 minutes is just as good for your heart as if you ran five miles. You can even make daily housework your exercise if you do it with enthusiasm and at a quicker pace. Be sure to warm up with stretching before any exercise.

  2. Stretching. Take some time to stretch daily, especially before exercising, participating in sports or gardening. Stretching your hamstrings can give you a lot of relief from and prevent back pain. This can be done while lying on the floor in a doorway, with one leg at a time up on the door jamb to stretch. While you are on the floor see if you can reach both hands over your head and have them relax on the floor behind you. This will stretch your shoulders and upper back and improve your posture. If you want your stretches to work make sure you hold the stretch for at least 45 seconds each. Visit our clinic and Dr. Prom will give you information and handouts of stretches you can do at home.

  3. Drink lots of water. The main ingredient in our bodies is water. It is so essential that you have enough to keep your body functioning properly. Water will also help you lose weight and keep the weight off. Some of my patients have tried to make the point that there is water in coffee, tea, beer and caffeinated soda. This is true, however they are all diuretics, which means they make your body eliminate water. Try to increase your daily water consumption by having a glass of water when you normally would have been drinking something else.

  4. Eat fresh. This isn’t a commercial for Subway®. What I am talking about is eating good quality foods that are as fresh as possible. The less processing the better. Too many canned and packaged foods are high in sodium and loaded with preservatives that just don’t need to be put in your body. The fresher the food, the more it will be full with beneficial nutrients. You don’t need to buy all organic produce, but make sure you wash produce to remove any chemical residue that is used in today’s modern farming.

  5. Get enough sleep. That means generally 7-8 hours per night if you are an adult, more if you are under 18. Try to set a regular bedtime for yourself. Find certain routines that will help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. This could be turning off the TV at least a half hour before bed and reading instead. If you find yourself with insomnia because you’re thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow – write those things down and forget about them for the night. 

  6. Avoid the need for caffeine. Notice I did not say avoid caffeine. If you follow the first five things your chances of needing caffeine, or as much caffeine, will be greatly reduced. Caffeine is a stimulant that over time will just add to your stress and negatively affect your health.

  7. Get regular chiropractic care. You knew this one was coming – but it’s true. Regular chiropractic care allows your nervous system to function at its prime. It allows your joints to function at their full range of motion, which allows you to bend and move better. It removes the limitations to your life. Studies have shown that people who get regular chiropractic care have fewer hospital admissions, need to take less medication and experience lower overall health care costs.

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